At Leather Art Co., Ltd. our mission is to aesthetically revive high-quality leather products, made by the world's top brands.
The art of leather repair is about preserving product qualities through knowledge and skills.
Our advanced quality management system meets customers' requirements, not only in Japan, but also all over the world.
Our artisans have excellent skills so they can quickly repair many products at the same time. We can guarantee our customers to deliver perfectly repaired products in time.

We have professional teams specialized in a wide range of repair procedures: metal polishing, stain removal, scratch repair, fray fix, and leather restoration. Your beloved and high-end leather item will be revived aesthetically.

Why do customers select us?

01 Offer a fast repair with an aesthetic finish

We will restore your leather product to make it look as if it was new; you can't find where the repaired part is! We will also reinforce the leather product so that its life time will be extended. We will support your valuable leather product through our services and guarantee you a fast repair with an aesthetic finish.

Why do customers select us?

02 Build trust through our repair services

Customers choose us among many repair stores because of our advanced quality management system. We value each item and ensure its aesthetic finish and its fast delivery.

Leather Art Co., Ltd. was established in 1961 by a female bag making artisan. We have gained popularity among the world's top brands since then. They highly value our professional skills and our courteous services that can restore customers' precious damaged products as if they were new. We have also produced new leather products. We currently have about 100 artisans who are extremely proud of their work. Our profession and passion have been passed down since our establishment.

We aesthetically revive high-quality leather products made by the worlds' major brands.
Our repair skills are qualified at the highest international level.
Leather Art Co., Ltd.
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