1. Leather Art Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as 'we') takes it very seriously and makes it a high priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal information that our customers, including those who are our members, provide to us. We shall not disclose the personal information that you provide to us to third parties when you visit our website or use our services without consent, except in the following circumstances:
    A) Where required by laws or regulations
    B) In times judged necessary in order to protect and defend the rights, property, or safety of our company, our customers, or others.
    C) In addition, when providing the personal information to third parties within a project based alliance, we shall enforce said parties to handle the personal information properly.
  2. Both we and third parties within a project-based shall use the personal information, such as customer's registered and transaction information, only to achieve the specified purpose(s) and handle it properly. In this case, we may disclose such information to a necessary extent to those parties. When customers access our website, we may disclose data in form of cookies to our partners. In this case, we shall consider your use of our site as consent.
  3. We shall properly handle the information that our customers provide us, including name, address, email address, phone number, age, occupation, transactions, and our partners may use said information to a necessary extent in order to provide services to our customers.
  4. We shall enforce our partners to handle the personal information property and to make it a high priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal information. After our customers terminate using our services, we shall not allow our partners to contact them, such as sending mail magazines, except cases specified by us, in order to protect them from being infected with viruses. However, we cannot ensure that our partners will comply with this.
  5. When customers and our partners request to verify or amend their personal information, we will handle their requests with our specified methods to a reasonable extent shortly after receiving their requests.
  6. We shall abide comply with the laws and regulations applied when handling our personal information and continuously improve and amend our privacy policy stipulated above when necessary.

    Issued on 1 March 2017