Achieve the best quality by professional team work.

We have professional teams specialized in a wide range of repair procedures in order to perform the best repair. Each team is formed based on their skills, such as operating sewing machines or performing reinforcement processes. We handle repairs from single items to large lots. Our repair service not only retains quality, but also enhances value.


Reviving pleasant textures

Bag handles can become scuffed or torn, bag piping can become stick out or split, and bag corners can become scuffed or frayed by age. We genuinely fix these damages to restore a pleasant touch sensation.


Bringing items back to their original state

Our artisans can work on a wide range of damages: scratches, scuffs, damages caused by friction, and cracks caused by age. They can hide such damages, thus making them inconspicuous; you will forget that there used to be damages there!


Further beautification and reinforcement

We can exchange a variety of bag accessories, such as zippers and handles, as well as their gussets and bodies. Our artisans can create necessary repair parts from scratch, even when these parts have already been discontinued.


Restoring authentic colors with a delicate touch

We will not only re-color worn spots where the leather's original color has faded, but also re-dye the whole leather. Our expert color restoration team will restore the original leather color and texture and add a beautiful finish that will retain the item's value. Our processes for leather color restoration are inspired by art restoration, because of the required painstaking care.


Restoring premium value

Metal clasps, metal zippers, and metal brand logos attached to bags can peel or become dull over time. We restore their appearance and shininess as if they were new.

SHOES - シューズ

Reviving shoes too

We fix any shoe problems: reinforcing heels, restoring soles, repairing broken stiches, and exchanging side rubbers. We carefully examine customers' foot shapes and gait and reinforce parts as required.